Our Solution

Zakazivanje.online is a software solution – a web application developed with the intention to facilitate and enable the improvement of the scheduling process of various types of services, improvement of the working time management process, optimization of working hours of employees and other staff involved in the scheduling process. Zakazivanje.online is a system that connects the users with the desired service provider, or service, at the desired time. Relying on the principles of Software as a Service (SaaS), we managed to create a system that meets all the best standards from the practice of developed countries. We have developed a flexible software environment with the aim of increasing the effectiveness, efficiency, productivity and general availability of the services offered, while continuously increasing the satisfaction of end users of zakazivanje.online software.


Zakazivanje.online enables quick and easy search of service providers from various fields, such as: health institutions, beauty salons, hairdressers, grooming salons, car mechanics, vulcanizers and other interested providers. Zakazivanje.online in real time calculates the availability of appointments of service providers who have previously created schedules (working hours) and provides end users with the ability to book the desired appointment without calling, sending emails or other traditional ways of booking / scheduling appointments.

  • We are proud of:
  • • Accessibility – financial and infrastructural accessibility.
  • • Free registration and functional service provider database.
  • • Real Time availability, high performance and scalability.
  • • Optimal choice of technologies and the ability to effectively adapt to specific requirements and market trends.
  • • Advanced algorithm for calculating availability of different time slots in real time for large and growing user base.
  • • Intuitive, user-friendly, spontaneous and easy to use.
  • • Multi-language software applicable in different markets and/or user groups...

User groups

Scheduling.online recognizes three different user groups:

End users, who access the software at: https://zakazivanje.online in the 'Login' section. End users can access all functionalities of the scheduling system online after filling in the registration form presented in the section 'Register a user/client account', accepting the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and verifying the entered data (email addresses). End users who do not want to register an account can access the zakazivanje.online system with the limitation of available functionalities.

Business users, who access the admin part of the system at: https://admin.zakazivanje.online in the 'My Admin' section. Business users create an account using the registration form 'Register a business account' and gain access to 'My Admin' part of the system after validating the submitted data, accepting the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and/or signing the Agreement on assignment of rights to use the Software. Validation, i.e. verification of the accuracy and consistency of the submitted data is realized with the aim of ensuring a high degree of information reliability and security of all system users.

Employees who access the admin part of the software at: https://termini.zakazivanje.online. Employees can access the admin panel 'My appointments' (part of the software that allows you to create and view working hours and reserved appointments with a particular employer (Business User)), after the Business User creates an account for the Employee and after the Employee verifies the entered data email address) and accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.